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Welcome to Immaculata, Welcome to the family

We are a Grade 8-12  independent Catholic high school serving the Central Okanagan.  Our average enrollment is 230 students, making for small classes and a close community. Our staff is made up of a range of seasoned veterans to newly graduated teachers who all choose to teach in a Catholic school to share their faith and support our youth.  We welcome students from all religious backgrounds and invite them to participate in our Catholic traditions.Right from our vision statement: “Immaculata: A Family that Fosters Excellence”, we identify our students, staff and families as all part of an extended family. Teachers know all of the students by their first names, figure out who their siblings are and get to know their parents. Students know that the staff is available to them for academic, spiritual, and emotional support. We have had former studentschoose to return to Immaculata as teachers to continue their journey with the school.  We have had generations of families choose to attend Immaculata so that children of former students can enjoy the same experience that they enjoyed.

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You never know what you might witness passing by Mrs. Griffin's art room. Today, Photography 9 was capturing colour and movement.

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Special Education Department

Mr. Darrin Mathieu, CEA Email: dmathieu@cisnd.caMrs. Tanis Rantucci, EA Email: trantucci@cisnd.caMrs. Cindy Ross, CEA Email: CRoss@cisnd.caMrs. Lisa Doucette, EA Email: LDoucette@cisnd.caMrs. Renee Landry, EA Email:


Fr. Salomon Beguel Fr. Pat Monette

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Mrs. Amanda Bukowsky, B.A., B.Ed. Email: abukowsky@cisnd.caGuidance Counsellor  Mrs. Natalie Dawson, B.Ed. Email: Website: https://immacdawson.weebly.comMrs. Shelley Brodeur, B.BA. Assistant Homestay Coordinator  Director or Development and Advancement Email: 

Mrs. Ingrid Uhrich

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Lenny Krayzelburg on Staying Positive

Class of 2021

Mr. Grant Richard, B.A., Dip. Ed., M.A. Email:

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Ms. Heather Weidner, B.A. English, and B. Ed. with Distinction Email:

Mrs. Rhonda Sali, B.Sc., PDP, M.Ed. Email: RSali@cisnd.caMrs. Leah Drebit, B.Ed. Email:

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Why Give?

So why do our local Catholic Schools need your help?While it is true that our local Catholic Schools receive a portion of their funding from the provincial government’s education grants, it is only 50% of the per pupil operating cost of our local public school district.Parents and families of students usually bear the largest portion of the costs associated as they pay fees per student registered in our schools. Our local parishes also contribute funds annually in support of their mandate to provide and ensure a Catholic Education is available for all Catholic families. Capital improvement projects, facilities, etc. are not funded by government in any way and as such must come out of our operating budget entirely. This is true for all BC Catholic schools.The goal of our Catholic Schools is to provide a focused and appropriate education that is reflected and obtained through Catholic principles and teaching, while striving to prepare the whole person for a successful life here on earth and for their eternal soul in heaven. Your gift is one small way that you can help in our common pursuit of this goal for each of our local families.[Donate Now](

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