Obsidian Ridge


Built entirely out of giant boulders this monolithic stone monument is the first of its kind in the region. It is equipped with 100A power, a small sound system and landscape lighting through out. It features a seven stage waterfall, infinity edge pond and a moon gate entrance that will leave you in awe.

Welcome to the Fire Pit

Our fire pit is surrounded by trees, nestled into the ground, and totally sheltered from the wind. It is equipped with a 12ft diameter fire pit, power & outdoor kitchen (gas grill, fridge, sink). Holding up to 200 guests this is where your party can go all night with landscape lighting throughout and easy access to camping area it will be a favourite among your guests!

Celebrate the best day of your life at Obsidian

[2021 Packages ](https://obsidianridge.ca/Packages/2021-Pricing-And-Info-Package.pdf)

Crazy in Love

Sleeps Two single beds

Aren't You Sweet-24’ Vintage Airstream

Sleeps: One full bed Two single beds and 2 small bunk beds

Stay Gold-1968 24’ Travel-master

The unit offers a camper king size and a full size sleeping accommodations. 

Honeymoon Site

Features: Dual sided sunbeam heate King size Coffee for 2  in the morning Private Modern Washroom   

[Click to go to our Grooms Suite ](https://3dspaces.canadianvirtualtours.com/show/?applicationKey=71qxetey26a9nxfp892ys52fd&m=7aECjQephe1&play=1&lang=en&title=0&help=0&mpskin=pz1yetdcpj&sr=-2.41,1.42&ss=191)

[Click to head to Honeymoon Suite ](https://3dspaces.canadianvirtualtours.com/show/?applicationKey=71qxetey26a9nxfp892ys52fd&m=7aECjQephe1&play=1&lang=en&title=0&help=0&mpskin=pz1yetdcpj&sr=-3.03,-.22&ss=166)

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Fire pit area - ^^THIS WAY ^^

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