Genesis Centre

Calgary Public Library Saddletowne

[Calgary Public Library Saddletowne]( The Calgary Public Library aims to provide services and knowledge to this NE Community. 

YMCA Saddletowne

[YMCA Saddletowne]( YMCA promotes physical activity within the North East Communities 

North Main Entrance

Jugo Juice

[Jugo Juice](,1,,,) Serving the community with nutritious and healthy foods 


[THE PRE-KINDERGARTEN ACADEMY]( The Pre-Kindergarten Academy provides educational services for children for a smooth transition into kindergarten

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[1000 Voices (Genesis Centre)]( 1000 Voices provides immigrants and newcomers with support resources within the community

YMCA Preschool

[YMCA Preschool]( YMCA Preschool provides preschoolers will be introduced to physical activity, literacy, mathematics, and science through play-based, progressive learning experiences.

Multi Purpose Room A

Multi Purpose Room B

Main Mezzanine Entrance

Genesis Guest Services

Genesis Medical Clinic

[Genesis Medical Clinic](,1,,,) Genesis Medical Clinic provides clinical medical services for the community 

NECSS Boardroom

Genesis Physiotherapy

[Genesis Physiotherapy]( Genesis Physiotherapy providing physiotherapy in Calgary, and an outpatient orthopedic clinic

YMCA Childcare Services

[YMCA Childcare Services](

Saddleridge - Martindale - Taradale Community Association Offices

Community Board Room

Genesis Kitchen

Genesis Change Room #1

Field House #1

Field House #2

Change Roon #2

Change Room #3

Main Feature Gym Entrance

Feature Gym

Feature Gym Multi Purpose Room

Community Change Room #2

Community Gym

Community Gym Main Entrance

Trellis Society

[Trellis Society]( Trellis Society is a shared communication strategy and promotion of programming, intake and engagement services